Yoga for good sleep

I love my bed! I have always loved my bed. My mum tells a story of when I was a toddler & slept so deeply she could pull out my bed & vacuum around me without waking me up. My husband thought this was an exaggeration until I was pregnant with our first baby & he did the same one afternoon, while I was napping, without me stirring at all! When I was at University I went through a period of terrible insomnia which resulted in my first foray in to yoga & meditation. Since having

The Vagus Nerve & Yoga

Why do I feel so good after a yoga class? How does yoga help me relax? I know how I feel but what is happening in my body? We all know that yoga can reduce stress levels, improve sleep, digestion, fertility and overall wellbeing. But why is this? It is widely acknowledged that a regular yoga practice helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of our autonomic nervous system responsible for our “rest & digest” & “feed & breed” responses. Recent research sug